Meditation and manifestation workshops
Breathe in Magick


My name is Iga and I am the creator of Breathe in Magick – Meditation and Manifestation Workshops.

For the longest time I have thought that meditation just isn’t something for me; clearing my mind is impossible, whenever I’m told to think about nothing, my mind starts to race and living with anxiety makes it almost impossible to relax and find my inner calm.

Fortunately, I am also stubborn and knowledge-craving, so I went on a journey to find a way to achieve the results that meditation promises, even with all my limitations. I have discovered, that so much of what I thought was facts was untrue and meditation has become a vital part of my everyday routine.

Breathe In Magick is my newest project and its purpose is to make meditation and magick accessible for anyone, no matter what their struggles are.

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