Meditation and manifestation workshops
Breathe in Magick


Iga’s meditation workshops are not only informative and thorough, but she also provides an amazing, judgement-free space to learn and ask questions. She is incredibly knowledgeable and articulate, so all the information in her workshops is is explained clearly and concisely. She tailors the information specifically to your interests and skill level as well. Highly recommend to anyone interested in meditation, no matter their experience!

Her oracle readings are also spot on and have always accurately described the situation at hand while giving gentle advice and support!


I honestly almost gave up on meditating until I found this workshop. it was very easy to follow and her voice is sooo soothing. I would recommend this to anyone whether new or beginner. there are different exercises to help you figure out which meditation method works best for you. I absolutely loved it!


Iga’s guided meditations and manifestations are very easy to follow, she simplifies everything perfectly so you actually absorb what your listening too. She keeps things interesting so you don’t get bored the information is very useful and this is something that you will definitely use in your craft.


A natural tutor. Really well written, well thought through, very informative, inclusive and also comfortable. Very polite and answered any questions I had.



This meditation workshop with Iga changed me entire life and allowed me to not only swing the door wide open to unlocking my own power but has also been the foundation of all of my energy work. This isn’t your standard guided meditation you find on YouTube. This is personal, in depth, and Iga not only guides you along the way but has THE best mediations I’ve ever been fortunate enough to come across. The workshop is so in depth and yet so easy to understand. I cannot recommend Breathe in Magick highly enough!

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