Meditation and manifestation workshops
Breathe in Magick



Booking of any services is possible only after contacting Breathe In Magick and discussing the personal terms. After the contact, both sides agree to a date and price. The service can only be provided after the confirmation of payment.

Late Fees and Cancellations

For all workshops and services, Breathe In Magick asks that the buyer arrive on time to the scheduled session and respond to scheduling queries in a timely matter. Any scheduling changes need to be made within 24 hours prior to the appointment time. Failure to do so will incur a cancellation/rebooking fee of  30% of the purchase’s value.

If the buyer cancels more than 24 hours prior to the session, a rebooking will be offered free of charge. There are two possibilities of  rebooking the service and after that, the untimely cancellation conditions take place. 

If due to unforeseen circumstances Breathe in Magick must cancel and reschedule as ervice, the buyer will be offered a rebooking at no extra cost or – if rebooking is not possible, a full refund. 


Services provided by Breathe In Magick are for novelty and entertainment purposes only. They do not evaluate, diagnose, or treat any physical, emotional, or mental health concerns or disorders. In no way does Breathe In Magick or Iga Kiermut assume any legal liability or responsibility post purchasing these services. These services DO NOT replace professional advice regarding legal, mental, or physical health matters. I do not accept orders inquiring about medical issues, death, or illegal activity. By purchasing a service from Breathe In Magick, you understand and agree to adhere to the shop policies and disclaimers.


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